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Popup Voucher

Using Vouchers

Enter your code and click the apply code button to validate the discount then continue though the checkout process. 

Voucher credit will cover shipping cost in most cases. If you have nothing to pay after shipping is applied then you still must proceed through a free checkout to confirm your order. 

You will see an error message if: 
  Your code is wrong or was typed wrong
  Your voucher has been used already
  Your voucher has not yet been activated (may be up to 48hrs)
  Your voucher has expired
  Your voucher cannot be used on any of the items in your cart

Type carefully (or use copy/paste if you can) as voucher codes may be case sensitive and can be quite long. A common mistake is to confuse O with 0 (a capital o with a zero). 

Voucher Limitations

  One Order Only Per Voucher
  One Voucher Only Per Order
  Voucher Credit Cannot Be Used On Hot Price (Sale) Items
  Some Vouchers Are Limited To Specific Items

Please see the voucher limitations Help & Information page for more details.


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