Loss of Innocence
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Loss of Innocence

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Dreams and fantasies run rampant when you're young. The mind wonders at the thought of new experiences. This is the basis of this fascinating feature of youth and the urge to learn. Masculine bodies sweat with passion as their exploration of each erotic pleasure is awarded to each man. Filmed on location in the pastoral countryside and bustling city streets of Hungary, Loss Of Innocence is an achievement in gay experiences. Cast: Szabo Balage, Jozsef Spec, Gabor Gregor, Huba, Atilla, Forro, Bige, Botond, Coleman, Tibor


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This XXX DVD Loss of Innocence is restricted to persons 18 years and over.
Note: Explicit sex scenes.
Subject to availability.
Loss of Innocence
The Grinder: Loss of Innocence Dreams and fantasies run rampant when you're young Read more...
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