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Sexy Essentials For Gay Men

We have New Zealands best selection of sexy essentials for gay men available to buy online right here.

You'll find sexy essentials like leather cleaner, condoms, sex pills and more.

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Tomcat Ali 2 pill pack
100% natural, traditional herbal supplement for men. Strenght, vitality and energy for men. Take one capsule approx 1 hour before intimacy.

Hot Caress Creamy Melon Massage Oil
Hot Caress: The heating massage oil with pure flavors. Hot Caress offers unmatched quality in natural taste which, in addition to its heating action, makes your massage a unique sensual experience. Features: Edible! Warms on your body! Perfect gift for any occasion Elegant presentation

JO For Him Prolonger Gel 60ml - Benzocaine Free
JO For Him Prolonger Gel 60ml Sachet Maximize pleasure with JOProlonger Gel. A regular strength gel designed to slow the onset of ejaculation and enhance appearance of the penis with a natural plumping. Apply a small amount during foreplay, toy play or solo-play for added pleasure. Ideal for men who want longer lasting effects with a regular strength formula desensitizing gel. Key Features

Roma Spray Massage Oil
Roma Massage Oil is a two-color oil, soft and non-sticky offering two ranges of sensations for your skin! The first one sinks in and stimulates deeply; the other one awakes your desire and enhances your skin's sensibilities. Just shake well, and spray. Features: Easy to use Spray bottle, unique colors and sensations, stimulates and Excites!

Four Seasons Naked Black 12 pk
Four Seasons – Naked “Black” Condoms Black & Flared (12 Pack) 12 Pack of Naked brand “Black” Condoms. Natural Rubber Latex Condoms with a new flared head shape for comfort, 56-64mm Nominal width and lubricated.

Sensuous - Raging Bull For Men 100ml
POWER GEL Raging Bull is the result of careful experiments, examinations, and research. It includes all-natural ingredients which work well and compliment each other. That means it is more useful than anything you have used before. Furthermore, this product is designed for one purpose and one purpose only. To give you an upper hand in bed, and it is up to you how to use that power. This leading male gel proves to enhance your manhood’s length and diameter. HOW TO USE? Raging Bull is very easy to use. Simply apply twice daily (preferably morning and night) onto the entire penis and testicles and massage thoroughly until the gel is fully absorbed by the tissue. You should feel increased blood flow straight away. This is a gel so there is no mess and no stickiness which is associated with oils and creams. Some experience instant results on their first use but others only enjoyed its benefits after a few days. So, if you don’t observe any difference in your first uses, just continue for a few more days. Effects increase gradually every time you use it for 3 days. The benefits will continue to increase with use optimal results should be noticed in about 7-10 days. HOW DOES RAGING BULL GEL WORK? It is good to know that vitamins taken orally will not improve the health of your intimate skin, only a topical solution allows your body to absorb the needed nutrients through the penis skin. By applying the nutrients topically in the gel form, your penis can start reaping the benefits immediately. This gel gets absorbed easily by the tissues of the penis and helps in increasing the flow of blood, sensitivity and recondition the penis skin Raging Bull has been uniquely formulated using a combination of herbsm traditionally known for their sexual benefits, including improvements in

Edge - Delay Gel for Men - 7 ml
Unlike any other delay gel on the market, Edge is made from Natural ingredients. Not only that, Edge can be applied a long time before required, meaning you can be confident of being in full control when you most need it. It has been specilally formulated to help delay your orgasm and ejaculation, which means that your partner will never be disappointed.

Four Seasons Naked Delay 12 pk
Four Seasons – Naked “Delay” Condoms (12 Pack) 12 Pack of Naked brand “Delay” Condoms. Made from thicker more durable Natural Rubber Latex, these Condoms provide less sensation, adding time before ejaculation. 54mm Nominal width and lubricated.

UTest THC Test
THE BASICS The most sensitive urine test for THC/cannabis. The Utest THC 15ng/mL is the most sensitive drug test for THC and is also the lowest detectable amount of THC in the urine. If you can pass a 15ng/mL THC test, you can be confident you are clean. DIRECTIONS

Ansell Lifestyles Condoms Large 12 Pack
Condoms specially shaped for comfort. Lifestyles Large condoms are a special Easy-Fit shape, designed to make them easier to put on and for extra comfort during use. Contains 58mm nominal width, natural coloured condoms with reservoir teat. Lubricated (not spermicidal) for easy application and greater sensitivity. Caution: This product contains natural rubber latex, which may cause allergic reactions in some people.

Kama Sutra Sensual Massage Oil - Tropical Fruits 236ml
Kama Sutra Naturals offer the very best of nature's gifts to connect you with your lover, while being kind to body, mind and spirit. The perfect treatment for body and spirit naturally; Blend body and spirit with this light silky, sensual massage oil. Nature's gift that puts you in touch with your lover, at one with nature, at peace with the world. Drizzle your favorite scented massage oil onto your hands or directly onto your lover's body. Gently caress into the body and enjoy the delicate scent and the light silky texture. A light, silky blend of naturally-derived Soy, Grape Seed and Almond Oils. Perfect for sensual massage as well as a daily moisturizer. About the product

Kama Sutra Sensual Massage Oil - Vanilla Sandalwood 2oz
Kama Sutra Naturals Massage Oil Vanilla Sandalwood 2 fl oz VANILLA SANDALWOOD - Creamy vanilla with exotic sandalwood. A light, silky blend of naturally-derived Soy, Grape Seed and Almond Oils. Kama Sutra Naturals Massage Oil is perfect for sensual massage as well as a daily moisturizer.

Four Seasons Naked Flavours 12 pk
Spice things up in the bedroom with Four Seasons Naked Flavours Condoms and brace yourself for an experience so sheer, it'll feel like you're wearing nothing at all! With chocolate, strawberry, banana and bubblegum flavours for even wilder antics, each condom is designed for increased sensitivity and strength for when it matters most. Plus, they're transparent and lubricated! Features:

Shield Blue Condoms - 12
Shield Blue Lubricated Condoms Nominal Width: 53mm Contains: 12 Condoms Per Pack Warning: These condoms are made from natural rubber latex which may cause allergic reactions

Kama Sutra Sensual Massage Oil - Tropical Mango 2oz
Kama Sutra Naturals Massage Oil Tropical Mango 2 fl oz TROPICAL MANGO - A sweet blend of tropical fruits with strong notes of mango and a hint of peach. A light, silky blend of naturally-derived Soy, Grape Seed and Almond Oils. Kama Sutra Naturals Massage Oil is perfect for sensual massage as well as a daily moisturizer.

Four Seasons Naked Classic 12 pk
The Naked Condom by Four Seasons is an experience so sheer you will not believe you are wearing a condom at all! Developed using the very latest condom technology. The Naked Condom is designed for increased sensitivity as well as strength. Condom Nominal Width 54mm


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