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Connect Using Facebook

Connect Using Facebook

If you are a facebook user may wish to use the Connect using Facebook link to save time with account creation and login. This feature grabs your details from Facebook to save time (you will need to add your physical address as Facebook does not store this information).

With the connection established you will be able to login with one click when you are signed in to Facebook. Simply click the Connect using Facebook link.
You will be able to check your order/s and edit your details on the My Account page. However, changing your email address in My Account will break the Facebook connection and you will need to reset your password for Grinder login.
The Grinder will not apear on your Facebook feed when you use this feature. You can view/remove it from your Facebook account on the Account Settings page, Apps tab. Connect using Facebook allows this website to access your basic Facebook information, Facebook profile information and send you emails to the address assosiated with your Facebook account.
You will need to be signed in to Facebook to use this feature.
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