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Elbow Grease
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Liquored Up Edible Bodypaint 5pk
These fun finger edible paints let you write your most intimate fantasies on your favorite body part and then lick off for a titillating sexually arousing experiences that is sure to get your erotic juices flowing! Comes in 5 delicious flavors:

Sensuous Cointreau Body Chocolate 90ml
Made with real Belgian chocolate these decadent rich smooth chocolate body paints are undeniably for lovers of fine things. This deluxe chocolate body paint is made with real Belgian chocolate. It's rich and smooth and is made only of natural ingredients with no artificial colours and flavourings. Use the beautiful supple brush and indulge yourself and your partner while you let your artistic imagination run wild.These beautiful tasty treats are made of only natural ingredients and contain no artificial colours or flavourings.

Chocolate Lovers Erotic Body Paints
Dream up your most Erotic Tasty fantasies in Rich Delicious Chocolate, with this tasty tantalizing array of Erotic Chocolate Body Spreads. Dip your tongue or Finger in and Spread these on your lovers favorite body parts and let the Erotic Licking & Sucking Begin! Sexy Edible Playtime never tasted so good! Features:


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